Professor, Jorma Panula

 Jorma Panula(b. 1930) was artistic director of the Turku  Philharmonic Orchestra 1965 - 1967, Helsinki  Philharmonic Orchestra 1967 - 1972 and Aarhus  Symphony Orchestra 1970 - 1972. He has been a  frequent guest at the Finnish National Opera. Panula was  professor of conducting at the Sibelius Academy 1973 -  1994 and also taught at the Royal Academy in Stockholm  and the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. He has had  great influence on the world of conducting through his  teaching. He has taught young conductors for four  decades, and a long line of top conductors including Esa  Pekka Salonen, Jukka Pekka Saraste, Sakari Oramo,  Susanna Mälkki, Mikko Franck amongst many others, have studied under his tuition.Panula is the only Finn on BBC Magazine leauge`s Table of the 60 most powerful people in music - the teacher of a generation of some of the most succesful conductors the magazine says in its reference to Panula. "As the chief conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic and leader of his conducting class Panula has brought about a change in Finnish music and raised it to the highest standards in Europe" enthuses the writer.
Jorma Panula is now a guest conductor and professor of conducting courses all over the world including Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Tanglewood, Aspen, Moscow, Tokyo and Sidney. 
Maria Badstue, Assistant Teacher
Maria Badstue works as a guest conductor throughout the Nordic region with symphony orchestras including the Gothenburg Symphony, Kristiansand Symphony, Helsingborg Symphony and Malmö Symphony. In Denmark she has conducted the Odense Symphony, South Denmark Philharmonic, Aalborg Symphony, Orkester Norden a.o., and in 2013 she made her official Danish debut with the Copenhagen Philharmonic, for which she received critical acclaim. With a great interest in working with singers, Maria Badstue made a highly succesful debut operatic debut conducting `Angelo - La Opera´ by Lars Klit. This led to other productions a.o at the Danish National Opera, and in 2015 she conducted `A Doll´s House´ by John Frandsen and worked at Wiener Staatsoper as assistant conductor to Michael Boder in Hindemith`s Cardillac. Maria Badstue was mentored by Jorma Panula since 2007. She received her formal training with at masters degree from the Norweigan State Academy under the guidance of Jukka-Pekka Saraste and Ole Kristian Ruud.
 Lotte Toftemark, Project Manager
 Until Lotte Toftemark became deputy head of Lejre          Music School in 2007, she was an accompanist at The    Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and a very      active pianist of the Danish chamber music scene.    Since 2013 L.T. has been attached to The Rued    Langgaard Festival as a project developer and worked    as a consultant for a number of cultural institutions.
 She is also a member of the board of Grønnegårds    Teatret – the largest outdoor theater in Copenhagen.

 Anne Mette Wilhjelm Knudsen, Planning Manager
 Anne Mette Wilhjelm Knudsen works as a freelance  flutist with most of the professional orchestras in  Denmark and also with orchestras in Norway and  Sweden. She was educated with a masters degree from  the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Norwegian  State Academy of Music. In addition to her career as a  flutist she is also involved in administration and  management in several cultural institutions. In 2016 she  started studies at Copenhagen Business School, and  she worked as the co-organizer of the 20 years  anniversary concert of Sankt Annæ Symphony  Orchestra in concert hall of the Danish Radio. Anne Mette is currently employed in the administrative offices at the Norwegian State Academy of Music.
South Denmark Philharmonic 
The South Denmark Philharmonic is one of five regional orchestras in Denmark. The South Denmark Philharmonic is based in concert hall ALSION in Soenderborg in the Southern part of Denmark very near the border to Germany.
The orchestra has 65 members and plays approximately 150 concert every year; opera and symphonic concerts, church concerts, chamber concerts, family concerts a.o. The South Denmark Philharmonic is supported by the state, and it is playing a major role for the classical music in the southern part of Denmark.
Ellen Wemmelund